Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June Update

Where did the last year go??? Elise turned 1 on June 5 & I just can't believe how she's changed in such a short time (at least it seems like a short time). Although still a very needy child (as all 1-year olds are), it's amazing how much more "independent" she is than when she was first born. She now walks EVERYWHERE, claps her hands, bobs her head up & down to be silly, plays peekaboo, crawls all over her canine sisters, drinks from a straw, feeds herself.......... what a grown up! :)

We celebrated Elise's 1st birthday at my grandma & grandpa's house with a family cookout, and I have to say I'm very glad we didn't have a real party. Elise was pretty sick (with what turned out to be roseola - which means temps of 102-103 degrees for days followed by an ugly red rash & a very clingy baby), so having a party would have been less than stimulating for those who attended. But a family cookout - well, family understands a fussy baby :) Anyway, Elise got to open lots of great presents from her aunts, grandparents, cousins, great aunt & uncle, and great-grandparents. She hit the jackpot, for sure.

Below is her 1 year photo as well as a few snapshots from her birthday dinner.

Cousin Rori helping open presents

4 generations!

Snuggling with Daddy while visiting Lucas Oil on a free tour day

Fast forward a couple weeks.......

Peter & I took Elise and the doggies for a walk along the newest section of the Cultural Trail downtown - it runs across Walnut St over to the Canal. I had to take advantage of the great weather & cooperative child and get some photos of our little princess.

And then this past weekend we tortured Elise with her first dip in Sweetwater Lake. Peter & Bryan were doing a bike ride from the lake, so I drove down with the pups & the baby to meet them when they finished. I say we tortured Elise, but we probably tortured the dogs more, as they HATE getting in the water (Lucy is a sorry excuse for a beagle). It was good for them to work off some energy, though, and we got some cute photos out of it (that is the most important thing after all, right???)....

That's it for our June update.... Stay tuned, as July holds plenty more: little Thomas Christopher is scheduled to arrive July 28 via C-section. Will I survive the next 4 weeks of July humidity???? We shall see......


  1. This is so wonderful!! I cannot wait to read your next update.

  2. This is so wonderful!! I cannot wait to read your next update.